Conditions: Steindalsnosi (2025m), Norway, 6-7th November 2010

I’ve skied this mountain a few times now, so won’t bore you with the details. If you’re looking for that sort of beta, check out this link: Steindalsnosi Trip Report.
If you’re interested in conditions, here’s what I have to say….:

Steindalsnosi shrouded in cloud (taken from direction of Lom)

Steindalsnosi shrouded in cloud (taken from direction of Lom)

Steindalsnosi is well and truly open! As opposed to last month when we got our first turns of the new season and had to to scramble over rocks from the car, you can now put your skis on and skin the whole way! A pleasure. The crevasses are all filled in (where you ski at least).

As regards the snow: very much wind-pack and breakable crust. The mountain has taken a bit of a battering from the wind and hardened up the powder. But, as a result, if you look hard enough, you can find a lot of soft, fluffy wind accumulation in the features on skier’s left as you ski down.

As regards the weather: cold and windy. At the car is was -10 C. With the altitude gain and winds of around 20 knts (gusting 30 knots knts), the wind chill must have been in the high thirties (probably more). Either way, it was bloody cold. Most of the weather was in the last 300m of the summit, so as opposed to the first day where we went to the summit, we spent the second day at lower elevations and lapped the slope. Much more pleasant and much better visibility.

As regards traffic: Saturday, we saw our first people on the mountain as we were skiing down. About ten people in different groups. Sunday, a group of two.

So, that’s that. Steindalsnosi is looking good! Not so sure about the surrounding peaks just yet. Still lots of rocks. I’m sure you could find a line if you are desperate but might be worth waiting for more snow cover.

P.S. Friflyt users….sorry for the bad link. Friflyt adds a <br> tag in the link on their page (invisible. You can see it at the end of the address in your browser though) which corrupts the link and means you cannot go directly to the page. Sorry about that!

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5 Responses to Conditions: Steindalsnosi (2025m), Norway, 6-7th November 2010

  1. What route do you follow up? do you attack from the North (Hervavatnet) or west (Gjuvassbukti)? If you have a tracklog or anything from one of your trips up there and wouldn’t mind sharing – please do!

    • paulholding says:

      Hey Trond,

      Good question and to be honest I’m not actually sure. We drive on the road that goes from Lom, past Krossbu and to Steindalsnosi that way (I think the road is 55). We park the car at the side of that very same road and skin from the car. The most obvious point of orientation to know that you are on the same skin track as us is that you have to go over a dam. That’s probably the biggest give-away as to which route we take. Unfortunately, I don’t tend to take a GPS with me for these sorts of trips, so don’t have a tracklog. Route finding is really easy from the road though. There is actually a small road that takes you to the damn (ca. 700m long) and then you walk over the damn and head for the mountain after that.

      I hope that gives you a better idea of the route taken. Give me a shout if I can be of more help!

  2. Cool, thanks. I think I get the idea. Just wanted as much as possible to duplicate your route to avoid any unseen cracks in the glacier. So, from your description and the map i’m guessing that after the dam you go over a little bump, and then veer right and climb the glacier on the skiers right?
    We might head up there tomorrow, but none of us have been at that particular mountain before so just wanted to check in with those in the know…

  3. paulholding says:

    And by the way, just saw your blog. Like it ! “Fighting everyday dullness with snow”. Fantastic. You sound like someone after my own heart. We should go out for some turns. Let me know if you fancy.

  4. Cool, sent you my details to your friflyt-user, didnt want to write it here in the open :-)

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