Great Articles

I thought I would add a page linking great articles that I find on my travels on the web. There is some really great stuff out there:

  1. Article written by the British climber, Andy Kirkpatrick about the science behind getting cold
  2. Good (but maybe obvious) tips on winter camping by the Backcountry blog
  3. How to make your own GU (I haven’t made it yet, so don’t blame me…)
  4. Good run-down of the most popluar beacons and how they work
  5. Ski tuning by the Backcountry blog
  6. Another good article from Andy Kirkpatrick explaining down and how to best use it
  7. Comparison of Gore Tex, eVent and other shell materials
  8. The low down on sleeping bags and how to make the most of them by Andy Kirkpatrick
  9. Good basics on snowboard stance, set up e.t.c
  10. Good basics on the Abalokov or V-Thread

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